ADA Event Statement

All event marketing materials must include the event sponsor’s contact information (email address and phone number) for event related questions and registration. The following statement should also be included for disability accommodations:

To request disability accommodations at this event, contact University Events at 404-413-2743 or [email protected].  Please provide your name, as well as the event sponsor and date.


  • If I am the event contact listed on the marketing materials and have questions whom should I contact?
    • Contact Kirsten Soriano, Office of University Events Management, at 404-413-1377 or [email protected]
  • To whom should accommodations be provided?
    • Accommodations should be made for any guest at your event.
  • What if I have a request for an accommodation for a student?
  • Where should I include the statement?
    • It should be included on anything that is sent out promoting the event –  invitations, event web site posters, fliers and social media posts.