Distinguished University Professors

The Distinguished University Professor appointment was created in 2013 to recognize professors who have records of exemplary scholarship in their respective fields of study, and whose research and teaching trajectories demonstrate a commitment to sustained high levels of academic achievement. The appointments have the potential to serve as steppingstones to future appointments as Regents’ Professors, the highest academic appointment in the University System of Georgia.

Andrew Gewirtz
Institute for Biomedical Sciences

John Horgan
Global Studies Institute and Psychology

Monica Swahn
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Balasubramaniam Ramesh
Department of Computer Information Services

Ritu Aneja
Department of Biology, College of Arts & Sciences

Brian Bride
Department of Social Work, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

D. Michael Crenshaw
Department of Physics and Astronomy, College of Arts & Sciences

Ann-Margaret Esnard
Department of Public Management & Policy, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

Mark Keil
Department of Computer Information Systems, J. Mack Robinson College of Business

Natsu Saito
College of Law

Daphne Greenberg
Department of Educational Psychology, Special Education and Communication

Omesh Kini
Department of Finance

Zhi-Ren Liu
Department of Biology

Aimin Liu
Department of Chemistry

Mark Stockman
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Stephen B. Dobranski
Department of English

Giovanni Gadda
Department of Chemistry

Xiaochun He
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Kim Huhman
Department of Neuroscience

Pam Longobardi
School of Art and Design

John Lutzker
School of Public Health

Alexander Zelikovsky
Department of Computer Science

Andrew Altman
Department of Philosophy

Lisa Armistead
Department of Psychology

Guantao Chen
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Naveen Donthu
Department of Marketing

Todd J. Henry
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Paul S. Katz
Neuroscience Institute

Jennifer McCoy
Department of Political Science

Yi Pan
Department of Computer Science

Tim Sass
Department of Economics

Rose A. Sevcik
Department of Psychology

Gordon L. Warren
Department of Physical Therapy

Jenny Jie Yang
Department of Chemistry