University Events Management Staff

jweintraub headshot 150x150Jessie Weintraub

University Events Management

Office Phone: 404-413-1350


20140804cpr_chris_rob3b7e5-version-2Christopher Robertson

Assistant Director
University Events Management

Office Phone: 404-413-2256


20140320CPR_Virginia_Br#2D4Virginia Brown

Senior Event Coordinator
University Events Management

Office Phone: 404-413-1359


photoMargaret McIntyre

Event Coordinator
University Events Management

Office Phone: 404-413-1372


HeadshotMarcus Cooper

Event Coordinator
University Events Management

Office Phone: 404-413-1373

Campus Events Council

The Campus Events Council, composed of event planners and event site managers from across campus, provides members with the tools, resources, guidelines and information to plan and produce events that consistently meet Georgia State standards.  Strong emphasis is given to protocol procedures when dealing with the university president, provost, key VIPs and government officials.  The Council provides training materials, shares resources and advises members and their departments on special programs and events.

Alumni Association – Ellen Kinsey, 404-413-1433
Andrew Young School of Policy Studies – Margo Doers, 404-413-0249
Athletics Department – Leigh Morrow, 404-413-4170
The Lewis School – Kelli Nowviskie, 404-413-1084
Buckhead Center – Mona Ingram, 404-413-7189
College of Arts & Sciences – Allison Bass, 404-413-5637
College of Arts & Sciences – Lauren Allred
College of Arts & Sciences Event Center – Torrez Wilson, 404-413-5103
College of the Arts – Tony Mangle, 404-413-3173
College of Education & Human Development – Jessica Jamison, 404-413-8356
Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) – James Amann – 404-413-4445
College of Law – Nick Fomin, 404-413-9282
Development – Esther Raeschael, 404-413-1319
Government & Community Affairs – Jason Thomas, 404-413-1406
Honors College – Katelyn Graham, 404-413-5577
Housing – Donata Davis
International Initiatives – Homma Rafi, 404-413-2533
J. Mack Robinson College of Business – Marcus R. Urquhart, 404-413-7079
Perimeter College – Betsy Hardy, 678-891-2699
Perimeter College – Tonya Cook, 678-891-3642
Rialto Center for the Arts – Jo Costanzo, 404-413-9814
School of Music – Gail Rodriguez-Pickney, 404-413-5914
School of Public Health – Natacha Peters, 404-413-9341
Student Center – Jeannie Cho, 404-413-1874

    *all University Events Management staff (listed above) serve on the Council